Making Dead Letters Or Plans For The Future

So I am sitting here, filled with with a rage so bright and hot it puts Stoya under a heat lamp to shame.


Fox cut me off half way through the new Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just straight up told me “Like what ya see there buddy? Well fuck you for not having cable! Wait till tomorrow like all those other internet having hippies!”

So that bit of venting away I did want to talk about Dead Letters and what all I’ve got lined up. Dead Letters:A Hungry Love drops tomorrow and I figured now would be the time to lay things out there. So here is a list of the all the irons I have in the fire.

  • Continue Dead Letters line up (Hope to have ten done and bundled into a set and then offer that first set of ten in both print and digital)
  • Finish first draft of “A Taste Of Silver” the first in a three part werewolf series that I’m planning to have done before new years.
  • Record the first three episodes of The Wasteland Voice for my youtube channel Grave Matters which is an experiment in ARG story telling. (one I really need to get a leg on with or my sub count is going to fall faster than a star)
  • Get the framework done for a text adventure game that may or may not have strong connections to the Chinese Zodiac (it does, as of right now)


And that is it. That is what is on my plate. It’s what the rock is cooking. I know it sounds like a lot but honestly it really is the groundwork for a long term plan. The only real hurdle is my innate knack to shoot myself in the foot, an odd superpower to be sure.

Thanks for listening

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