The Schedule or I Will Stick With It

Ok so I will be the first to say that I am not the greatest at sticking to plans. I’m more of a “seat of my pants” kind of guy. Winging it is the only style I think looks good on me but I have been getting better at sticking to schedules.


I am going to do my best to follow this loose outline starting tomorrow.

  • One update a day(it is a good way to keep things fresh and let me share a bit more with you all.)
  • A progress report once a week (either on the current work or some of the other projects I’ve got in the hopper)
  • Finally, a special weekly post called “Creature Feature Friday” (I’ve done a ton of research on folklore and have some real favorites I’d like to share.)

Ok there we go, that is the lineup for the future. Thanks for sticking around.

Stay frosty out there

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