Behind The Fel House Door, A Text Adventure

I’ve been working on a lot of different stuff. You might even say I have…

That’s right, I just went full retro

But one of those irons is getting pretty hot and that would be the text adventure I’ve been planning. Behind The Fel House Door is adapted from an audio short I did a year or so ago. Now I’ve been a fan of visual novels since I discovered them with Katawa Shoujo (The story behind that game is fascinating and really worth a post in itself). After that I got down and dirty with a few more ,including one of the darkest games I’ve played in the style, Analogue -A Hate Story (don’t let the cutesy look fool you, there is a messed up story there)

Eventually came across the classic adventure games like Zork  and it was a love affair ever since. The idea of making one myself really wormed its way into my head and I realized that Fel House would be the perfect way to cut my teeth.

At the heart is a horror story about a young man who finds a house on a lonesome road in the rain. He ends up going inside to shelter himself from the storm and uncovers a nightmare. I drew a lot of inspiration from Lovecraft on this one, The Terrible Old Man in particular.

I’m using ADRIFT and the framework is going well. Still Alpha stage at this point, hell barely out of concept really but I’m hopeful that things will continue to flow pretty well. Thanks for sticking around with me and I’ll keep the updates coming.

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