Creature Feature: Lamb of Tartary Full Article Below You know making clothes the old fashioned way was really a pain. Remember going out to the fields and pulling down the fresh lambs growing from tall stalks and sheering them? What, you don't remember that? Surely you remember opening up the long pods to check on the naked baby lambs inside for next years harvest, No? Then you must not have had a Lamb of Tartary. Dating well before the … Continue reading Creature Feature: Lamb of Tartary

What I’ve Been Up To

Alright so I know the posts haven't been as regular as I would have liked them to be but I do have a good reason for that. See I've been making these things for my youtube channel:     Among other projects including writing a few articles for a website called gruemonkey. They are just starting up and seem like some fine horror minded people. On top of that I've also started a … Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To

Creature Feature: The West Virginia Vegetable Man Full Article Below “YOU NEED NOT FEAR ME. I WISH TO COMMUNICATE. I COME AS A FRIEND. WE KNOW OF YOU ALL. I COME IN PEACE. I WISH MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. I NEED YOUR HELP.” These are the strange, fragmented words a man named Jennings Frederick claimed to have heard from the mouth of a monstrous creature. Frederick was a bow hunter and on a hunt outside Fairmont, West Virginia (on a hot day in … Continue reading Creature Feature: The West Virginia Vegetable Man

New Looks!

Updated the look and I have to say I enjoy it a lot more than the last one. Still need to do some tweaks but things are flowing much better. Just a short update today. Found out that through ACX I'll be able to produce audio versions of my stories however because I signed up accidentally as a narrator and not an author I'll have to do the whole song and dance over again. Joy... … Continue reading New Looks!

New Looks! or The Taste Of A 1000 Year Egg

I ate one of these things today. It is called a 1000 year egg or a Century Egg. The basic idea is that they ferment it and "age" it using clay and other techniques. The ones I bought were made with lye. Strangely enough though they really didn't have much of a taste. The yoke was green and tasted sort of meaty but there wasn't any real egg flavor. So that is a thing that … Continue reading New Looks! or The Taste Of A 1000 Year Egg