Creature Feature: The Melonheads

Something strange is said to stalk the woods at night. Small bodies, large misshapen heads, evidence of a tragic secret some would say. Others, talk of feral madness and inbreeding to levels that would make Wrong Turn look tame.

“I only dropped you once…ok twice…look it was a couple of times but still!”

Called Melonheads by those who have claimed to see them. They have been sighted as far back as the 1800’s and in three states (Michigan, Connecticut, and Ohio). Described as around the size of a child and suffering from a huge swelling of the cranium, a medical condition called Hydrocephalus. Stories as to their origin abound but the most popular center around a fringe doctor named Crowe.

It is said that Dr. Crowe had saved the children from the streets but in truth took them to his country estate as test subjects. He injected chemicals into their brains which caused the large melon like shapes and lead to madness. After years of abuse, the Melonheads rose up against the doctor and killed him by hanging him from a chain and burning his house down around him.

Another origin tale echoes Dr. Crowe by stating the children were escaped mental patients who burned down their asylum to live in the woods. There they resorted to cannibalism and murder in order to stay alive. Eventually, they began to breed with each other and commit incest, which led to the mental retardation and Hydrocephalus.

Hello, I am elder Melon and I would like to share with you this most amazing book!

Most of the sightings are localized to certain areas in all three states.

  • Michigan- They are said to live in the woods around Ottowa County and near Felt mansion. (Which is where many claim the insane asylum was)
  • Ohio-  The Melonheads are said to stay around an area called “Crybaby Bridge”. Several locals claim to see mutilated animals in the woods there on a regular basis.
  • Connecticut-Has a long history with the Melonheads as well. Most sightings have been reported around Fairfield County but reports have come in from nearly ten towns as well.

As far as my take on these strange little cryptids go,I’d have to say it isn’t likely these poor souls are out there. If they were I would hate to classify them as “creatures” since all stories point to them being human. Every state with hills seems to have a sort of backwoods myth like this.

Stay frosty out there

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