Creature Feature: Devils of Son Doong

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There are stories all over the world about monsters living right under our feet. They dwell in caves and come up to steal our children or wait until we wander into their lair. That fear of things below is ingrained into our DNA and is one that crosses cultures, creeds, and nationalities.

For years residents around Son Doong cave in Vietnam have talked about strange, human-like snakes. These reptilian creatures dwell down deep in the cave and have been said to kill those unlucky enough to venture too far.

Evidence or pareidolia? possibly even Old Greg

Ever since the cave become popular among tourists for its beauty and unique features, unsettling reports have started to come in about half glimpsed beings in the shadows. While most of the sightings are sporadic and little more than word of mouth or second-hand rumors, a video surfaced in 2015. Allegedly it is the only recorded sighting of what some are calling the “Devils of Soon Dong Cave.”

Now as I said before the concept of a monstrous race living in the subterranean darkness under us is nothing new. In the western world and in Christian mythology, there is the concept of hell and the demons that torment there. Even in the biblical creation myth, Satan tempts as a snake that walks like a man. Japan has depictions of the turtle-like kappa. Even artwork featuring the courts of hell(Yomi) in Shinto show reptilian creatures.

Ah the old family BBQ!

I can believe that there are some sort of creatures out there that could be responsible for these sightings. The connections are there that some version of them existed in the past and was enough to fill our ancestors with instinctual terror. Try not to remember any of that the next time you go cave diving.

Stay frosty out there.

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