So I’m Crippled Now or Why I No Walk No Good

I’m joining up boi!

So bad news on the personal front. For some reason, yet to be determined, my left leg has basically shit the bed. Now many a moon ago when I was a bright eyed child, all full of hope and wonder, a friend of mine hit me with his car when I was crossing a cross walk.

I didn’t let a broken butt bone and ankle slow me down. Though the nerve and ligament damage did that. See, I decided to take a double drink from the cup of bad luck and manged to get a doctor who knew little about broken bones. He miss set the ankle, didn’t notice the hip was cracked and left me in ace bandage for a day or two before getting a cast. This all came around to me having a bit of a limp.


The leg ended up giving me hell on and off for years. Mostly when it was cold or raining. If you spotted me out and about on days like that you would notice the limp but would just think I had come back from pimp-con.

Fast forward to a day ago. I woke up from a nap so I could get ready to make dinner before work and just dropped. It was a damn mutiny and no matter what I did I couldn’t get lefty to play nice with the rest of me. So here I am sucking down aspirin like M&Ms and back on crutches. Oh and my job is notorious for being less than understanding so if there ever was a time for vodka it is now.

Stay frosty friends.

(P.S-The Dead Letters is getting a nice update here in the next two days. I will pay this enemy the greatest of insults, disregard.)

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