What Is Dead May Never Die

Only Rises Again, Harder And Stronger.

What I feel like I’ve been doing for nearly a month

So you all might have noticed that I’ve seemed, well for the most part dead. And that is because for a while there I had one foot in the grave. A series of events had me sicker than I had been in forever and with an injured leg. This, combined with an ever shifting work schedule, left me out of the game.

Put me in coach! I got this…

I wont lie to you out there, I was in a bad place. Not just from the illness but when you feel bad in body, you end up feeling bad in spirit as well. I let myself get down on my work and ended up putting a lot of things on hold. However as the sickness left my body, so did the black cloud of depression. (Ok so it didn’t really leave but at least now I can get Doctor Finklestein to move off my feelings toward my mother in our weekly therapy sessions…so that is improvement right?)

I’ve started redoing the creature feature videos. I don’t like how they were set up to start with and now that I’ve found a better format, I think they flow now. Before I was simply reading the article over again but this time I’ll be actually talking about the creature, my own personal take on it. Think of it as an “unplugged”style.

Also I’ve done some much needed edits to the Dead Letters series. New covers for the three that are already up and an overhaul to the actual text as well. I invested in a program to help improve the quality and readability of my writing, I’ve been pretty impressed by it so far.

The fully updated text for the first Dead Letters will be posted up on the site as well and I’ll be doing a readying of the whole thing for my youtube channel.(Now that my voice actually works)

I’ll have a lot more to update as the days go by but I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for sticking around. I know it was looking a little dicey, with no content for so long, but thanks for not giving up on me.

Stay frosty friends.


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