In The Ruins Of Hope, up for free


As promised here is the full story of In The Ruins Of Hope. You can read it here on the website or download it for your Amazon Kindle or any other reading device.

Ruins Of Hope is the first installment of the currently three part series, Dead Letters. I had plans before of making them up to ten. Having the first book be free and then the rest be .99 cents after that. However after looking at the download numbers it became obvious that free was the way to go for exposure. They are short stories, some only topping out at around 50 pages.

I was inspired to do these in the format they are in, patched together by a historian of stories, by my own love of oral legends. Nothing really beats sitting around a campfire or a table late at night and hearing one of those spooky tales. Some just made up on the spot or others little more than a half remembered retelling  Add to that my fascination with urban legends and the idea of a guy trying to uncover a grain of truth from the myth, while at the same time wanting to tell a good story, really called out to me.

I decided that they could also be useful for worldbuilding. Tearra as a fantasy world is someplace that I’ve been building for years. I’ve worked out a whole creation myth for crying out loud!

Don’t you see!

So I had a lot of material already to draw from when I decided to come up with these short stories. I do hope you all enjoy them and if you did please feel free to share them around and maybe leave a review. Those reviews really do help.

Stay frosty friends.


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