Have I been going about it all wrong?

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I am a little bull headed.

The thick skull is genetic…

And I really thought I had a plan for success. One that would net me some dosh in the pocket and more readers for my stories. I have more readers but I think my plan was pretty flawed in the dosh department. So, now I am going back and trying something new. Being open and transparent is a good motto to have so I’m going to break down some facts here.

  • While I saw several hundred downloads for my free book The Ruins Of Hope , the other two stories sat in stagnation. Like maybe a dozen downloads if I’m being generous and that was only AFTER I made them free on smashwords.
  • Amazon won’t allow me to list the others for free on their platform even with pricematching. I tried, got a solid no from the support team at KDP. (They didn’t have an issue matching to free with the first one but took issue with the others, go figure.)

So that makes things a little shitty to be honest. But, I’m done charging at the same wall and not getting a crack in it. It is time to come at things from a new approach and see what works. What I’m doing now is making the first five pages of all Dead Letters (from 2 on) available to read on the site and enrolling them in KDP select.

I know, I know. A lot of authors don’t like select. It locks the story on Amazon for an exclusive 90 days but it allows me to run promotions. KDP also will open the stories up to lending and a wider audience. That should translate to more exposure and an increase in sales for when I launch “Run Red” (my full, stand alone novella).

I don’t normally do these posts on the business side of things but well I was pretty frustrated. I also love you guys a ton and enjoy sharing, who doesn’t love a good vent session?

Stay frosty out there


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