Elixir and Tears Up!


Alright, after a little while longer than planned here is the next installment in the Dead Letters series. You can read the first five pages of Elixir and Tears here on the site and download it in full for your kindle.

This tale introduces one of my favorite types of characters. I’ve always been a sucker for the mad scientist and I was pretty pleased that I could work one in while staying true to the setting and lore. There also isn’t a great deal of body horror in the fantasy setting, something that I find fits pretty well when dealing with magic and alchemy.

People disappearing in the night. Bodies found half eaten and defiled all along the gutters.Some twisted in inhuman ways. Flesh shaped and mutilated with surgical precision. Rumors of dark alchemy and secret experiments. Symptoms of a darkness hiding in the heart of such a small city.

The past is filled with monsters. Agriit has seen her fair share of them over the years but a brief encounter forces her to face one of her own. A fiend, more beast than man, stalks the drug dens and back alleys of a place she once called home. Now with more than her own life to care about, can she share that one secret she’d vowed to take to her grave?

If you do enjoy the story, please fill free to share it around. If you feel even more generous, taking the time to write a review helps a great deal. Thanks again for sticking with me and giving my work a chance.


Stay frosty out there.

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