Ghosts In Houses: Ghost Story Love

A knock in the house after everyone else has gone to bed, a creak of the floor boards behind you when you know you're alone, a wisp of shadow just out of the corner of your eye. Who doesn't love a good ghost story? They are classic and unsettling, like in the case of Burnt … Continue reading Ghosts In Houses: Ghost Story Love


Pho: Better Than Brains!

So I recently went to DC and spent some time taking in the sights and filling my face with amazing street food! It was a gourmet smorgasbord from around the world, all lined up down the same street. Diet went out the window and I spent three hours crying into a Lean Cuisine when I … Continue reading Pho: Better Than Brains!

My Departure From Gruemonkey

...was because of their banana policy? Seriously, who doesn't love a good source of potassium? Okay, all jokes aside, it wasn't because of anything nefarious or shady. Ani Lumberhead , who founded the website and runs the Facebook pages, seems like a great guy. He's got a lot of passion and love for the horror scene and … Continue reading My Departure From Gruemonkey

The Self-Published Stain or Remembering Robert Stanek

I like to open these things with a bit of a story, so gather round. Once upon a time I was a member of one of those bad writing groups I mentioned before. (See HERE) I also enjoyed pretty regular contact with the groups founder/creator who had, on more than one occasion, told me some … Continue reading The Self-Published Stain or Remembering Robert Stanek