Pho: Better Than Brains!

zombie pho

So I recently went to DC and spent some time taking in the sights and filling my face with amazing street food! It was a gourmet smorgasbord from around the world, all lined up down the same street. Diet went out the window and I spent three hours crying into a Lean Cuisine when I came home. Worth it.

One of the places we came across was Zombie Pho of Pho Junkies. Not only did it smell divine, but the man behind the counter was beyond nice. How he remembered everyone’s faces in order to not get the orders mixed up boggles the mind. (There wasn’t a line system, people who put there order in just kinda waited around wherever they wanted and he called them over when it was done.)

pho image
Mother of god that sauce pour!

Now I had never heard of pho before, and even though we couldn’t eat it for over thirty minutes due to a time constraint, (traffic in DC could well be used as a torment in hell) it was still warm. The fact that they make such a tasty bowl of awesome out of a truck is made even more impressive when you look into how complex making the dish is.

The team over at HellthyJunkFood made a detailed video on how to make giant pho and it is worth a watch for the process alone. (The fact that both JP and Julia are funny as hell is an added bonus.) Watch the video below.

Stay frosty out there

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