Creature Feature: Van Meter Visitor A flying creature terrorized the small town of Van Meter Iowa for days. Seemingly out of nowhere it rose up from the mines and cut a swath of panic through the town. Descriptions of the monster defy belief. Said to be half man, half animal with large bat wings and a foul stench. Like a villain straight out of a comic book the beast was impervious to bullets and fired a red beam of … Continue reading Creature Feature: Van Meter Visitor

Creature Feature: The Ningen The ocean is vast and filled with mysteries. 71% of the Earth's surface is water and man has only explored roughly 5% of the oceans. It seems every year brings a new discovery, a new life form previously unknown to us is dragged up from the dark waters. Sometimes old fisherman's tales are proven to be true while some are left unfound at the bottom of the sea. Such is the Ningen. Ningen, Japanese for … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Ningen

H.P.Lovecraft’s The Moon Bog CD Baby decided to drop their copyright claim and as such The Moon Bog is back up and running! (If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about I posted up an article about it here)  H.P.Lovecraft's The Moon Bog is a harrowing tale of what awaits those who disturb things better left buried. Once again Lovecraft blends music with otherworldly horror, as he did in The Music Of Erich Zann ( He … Continue reading H.P.Lovecraft’s The Moon Bog

Announcements And Youtube Bullshit

So today was to have an update to the reading Lovecraft series. I'd read and recorded "The Moon Bog" which is a nice little piece about the price we pay for disturbing things best left alone. I often use the website musopen for royalty free classical music. That is the actual purpose of the website, the main reason it was created. So imagine my surprise that no sooner had the video become live, within the … Continue reading Announcements And Youtube Bullshit