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So today was to have an update to the reading Lovecraft series. I’d read and recorded “The Moon Bog” which is a nice little piece about the price we pay for disturbing things best left alone. I often use the website musopen for royalty free classical music. That is the actual purpose of the website, the main reason it was created. So imagine my surprise that no sooner had the video become live, within the first 5 seconds, in fact, I got a copyright claim from the folks over at CD Baby.

cd baby copyright claim

The musical piece that they claimed to own was written back in the 1860’s by Johannes Frederik Frøhlich and has been in the public domain for time out of mind. However, I figured it was just an automatic claim. Decided to dispute it, citing sources and the attached creative commons. Now the only thing to do is play the waiting game.

They’ve got 30 days after all

But that is the thing about waiting. People get bored and that is what happened to me. So I decided to look up a bit more about CD Baby and oh what a story I did find. Starting off with their own youtube video about copyright claims.

Now notice that they claim to be “Administrating your video so you can get -cash-” Now that is most likely targeted to their own artists. The funny thing about that is that they claim songs that they themselves do not own the rights to, nor do the supposed artists that they represent. They’ve also structured the video to be misleading. If you were to search for “CD Baby Copyright Claim” and watch this video, you might be forgiven for thinking they are telling you to go with it and “hit that acknowleged button”.  (Also notice how they’ve got their comments turned off on that video.)

These are a few of the comments found on videos about CD Baby’s false copyright claims.

cd baby youtube comments
This seems to have been going on for some time

Now it does appear that CD Baby is claiming anything and everything that they can in the hope of monetizing as many videos as possible to get that sweet, sweet cheddar. Actual ownership and rights be damned.

I’ll keep you all updated as this goes on and when or if I get a response. For now, I’ll leave with a video from another individual who had false claims from CD Baby and his was a real head scratcher.

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