Massive Hard Drive Failure

Ok so, I'm sorry I've been out for the past few days and missed some upload dates for dustland radio, however, I suffered from a massive hard drive crash. The poor thing shot itself in the head and there wasn't a thing I could do to save it.   So I lost pretty much everything except for the files that I've got backed up, which thankfully was most of them. Some artwork I'll have to … Continue reading Massive Hard Drive Failure

Dustland Radio: S1 Ep6 Opening The Sun -Facebook: - Twitter: - Patreon: - Vidme: Our host receives a gift from an unknown fan and talks about the dangers of taking gifts from strangers. Opening The Sun talks about just how dangerous that can be when our man takes a mystery drink from a stranger girl at a party.

Dustland Radio Update and Stitcher

So the sixth Dustland Radio is going to be delayed until Sat. Normally I wouldn't hold things off but I thought that the last one felt a little rushed and I don't want that. So I'm going to be doing a few more takes just to make sure everything flows better. Also, I want to launch in tandem with Stitcher so that a new ep is out day one there. As far as iTunes goes … Continue reading Dustland Radio Update and Stitcher

Dustland Radio: S1Ep5 Along The Line *Forgot to post the link on monday for some reason. Sorry about that. -Facebook: -Twitter: -Patreon: -Vidme: Here our host discovers machines and new world biological run off don't mix and in Along The Line, our man uncovers a hidden secret and realizes the old saying about cats and curiosity is true.

Dustland Radio S1Ep4 Glass Pony -Facebook: -Twitter: -Patreon: -Vidme: Our host hands out some good news to those starving in the wasteland and urges patience. Hints at a massive discovery but as we all know some things shouldn't be discovered. Glass Pony deals with just such a find, in a storage locker something awful is found. Something that will forever scar the people who discovered it.