We are back online!

Ok in a past post I talked about the issues I had been having with my hardware. Long story short, lost a hard drive and a lot of files. Now it wasn’t all bad news, most of Dustland Radio was backed up not only on another drive but in hard copies. So other than a few lost branding items, I was confident I could get things up and running again in no time.

Boy, was I wrong.


An actual depiction of me after all this bullshit

So not to bore people with tech details I don’t honestly fully understand myself, when I was forced to reinstall windows 10 something went wrong. My audio files became corrupted, I could watch videos on youtube and I could play games with sound but actually playing files on the computer itself was a no go. I know it made no sense but I struggled for a while to figure out what was wrong and after a ton of chatting online, that is what I came up with.

So I couldn’t edit the audio files into videos. On top of that the software I was using to create them was no longer available for free and since I had lost my copy in the hard crash, I was out of luck there.

So instead of doing another instal of windows 10 and hoping that nothing went wrong, I decided to add a linux distro that focuses on production. A flavour of Ubuntu that has a lot of features I can use.


Behold the Penguin, for he has beheld you.

As you can see by the recent Creature Feature: Black Shuck update, things have gone well. now I should be able to start up Dustland Radio again and keep to my old schedule.  I want to say thanks for your patience and words of encouragement. You all rock.

Stay frosty




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