Human Monsters: Harvey Glatman, The Glamour Girl Killer (Human Monsters playlist) “The reason I killed those girls was because they asked me to...They said they would rather be dead than be with me.” Those are the chilling words of Harvey Glatman, a sadomasochist who murdered at least three women. Glatman lived in Colorado and showed a deviant mind at an early age. He was caught when he was 12 by his mother in the bathroom of their home with a rope around … Continue reading Human Monsters: Harvey Glatman, The Glamour Girl Killer

Human Monsters: Harry Powers, West Virginia’s Bluebeard (Human Monsters playlist) There are few things worse than a betrayal of the heart. Lovelorn souls will seek comfort where they can find it, sadly those lonely hearts can become prey to silver tongue monsters. Such is the case of the poor women, and their children, who fell victim to Harry Powers, West Virginia's first serial killer. Powers was born Herman Drenth in 1889. He used a variety of aliases over his life other than … Continue reading Human Monsters: Harry Powers, West Virginia’s Bluebeard

Creature Feature: Raystown Ray Pennsylvania has had a love affair with cryptids for years. From possible werewolf sightings that go back to the 1800's, to a high report of Bigfoot encounters. It would seem that now it also has it's very own lake monster. Raystown lake was created to control flooding in 1905. Years later the dam that had formed the lake was repaired and the first sightings of "Ray", as the locals called him, began. It is … Continue reading Creature Feature: Raystown Ray

Dustland Radio Up Tomorrow

Wanted to let everyone know there will be a new Dustland Radio up tomorrow as well as a new Creature Feature and two video features. Monday should signal the return of a regular schedule as I gear up for Season 2. Thanks for your patience in this everybody and thanks for sticking with me. Stay frosty out there.  

Creature Features Get Their Own Page

I'll still be posting them to the blog but I figured why not also add a page so that they can be easily searched. You can see the new page here Hope that makes things a little better on the searching part, still working on some upgrades to the site as well and will be finishing some videos soon. Dustland Radio Season One will be wrapped up in the next few weeks and I've got … Continue reading Creature Features Get Their Own Page