If You Missed It Before…

...check it out now. A little while ago I did an interview with the boys over at Project Archivist where we talked about many a strange thing. A bit on serial killers, some addled ranting, a few stellar jokes, something something cryptids. It is a damn fine listen and if you missed it before, feel free to … Continue reading If You Missed It Before…


Creature Feature: The Dewayo or Hexenwolf

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKw1OQA7A78 They stalk through the woods at night. Half man, half beast. Their blood curdling screams the only warning of their presence. But, it isn't man they hunger for. No these monsters seek another horror, an ancient foe they have been locked in mortal combat with since stories were told. When the sun sets, the … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Dewayo or Hexenwolf

Creature Feature: The Snallygaster

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zfivMOEolE A dark shape moved almost silent through the night sky, the only sound it made was the sharp click of its teeth. Long tentacles hung out from its mouth like tongues, grasping and wiggling for food in the beast's hunger. It's singular, giant eye scanned the earth below for any sign of movement. The … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Snallygaster

Of Interviews and Games or Sweet Lord, It Has Been A Week!

So it has been a pretty wild and awesome week. Had a sit down with the guys over at Project Archivist. We talked about some of the topics I've covered here on the Creature Feature and Human Monsters, though there was also a good bit about other off the rails topics like beer keeblers. You … Continue reading Of Interviews and Games or Sweet Lord, It Has Been A Week!