New Year, New Changes

So one of the things that I decided to do when 2017 mercifully decided to pass away, was to really take a look at what I wanted from this site. A lot of looks actually, many, many looks.


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Something that I realized was that going the self-published route wasn’t for me. It wasn’t the lack of money, hell I was only charging .99 cents, it was more the lack of views. No real downloads, no readers. I just couldn’t promote enough. So many social pages bring out the knives as soon as they get a wif of self-promotion. Any time I spent money on an ad campaign I would see a boost that would quickly die off.

I was thirsty for that reader engagement.

Know where I found it? In my cryptid articles, in Creature Features. I got a taste of actual dialogue around something I had worked at and boy was it great. So I made the decision to pull Dead Letters and hone them into something more. Something that might stand up against the slush pile.

On top of that, I’ve been sharing more and more of my short stories on places like /nosleep and the engagement there has been stellar. So I’ve updated the website to house more of my horror fiction. You can find them in the Stories tab at the top of the page or just click here.

I’m still working away at Dustland Radio, I hit a snag there with some computer problems followed by mic issues but I hope to get that sorted out fully soon. Seeing that grow is a numbers game, the more people have to listen to the better and I really enjoy the narrative I’ve built there.

In personal news, I’ve actually taken another job and will be going back to college soon as a part-time student. I’m also working on an ARG that will be using Instagram. Invested in a full video and sound editing program that I can’t wait to get started learning.

I know this has been a little bit more personal than my other posts and I also know I’ve not been as talkative as of late. I’m going to try and work on that as well. Thanks for reading and being here for me, it means a lot, you all stick around.

Human Monsters is also going to become a regular thing, so if you’re a fan of that there is more to come.

Once again, thanks, and stay frosty out there.

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