Of Interviews and Games or Sweet Lord, It Has Been A Week!

So it has been a pretty wild and awesome week. Had a sit down with the guys over at Project Archivist. We talked about some of the topics I’ve covered here on the Creature Feature and Human Monsters, though there was also a good bit about other off the rails topics like beer keeblers. You owe it to yourselves to give it a listen.

project archive


Also, I tried my hand at the Jim Sterling Talent Is An Asset contest. The whole idea was to create a work around the horrid spider asset sold in the Unity store and made infamous by games like The Slaughtering Grounds.  I cooked up a little horror comedy interactive fiction game that made the wife laugh, so I hope that means it isn’t pure shit. Give it a spin if you would like.

horrid spider photo


It has been a pretty wild ride but also a blast. Stay tuned for a few more updates and even some really good news.

Stay frosty out there


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