Of Interviews And Broken Computers

So it happened again. Longtime readers might remember that in the not so distant past I was plagued by computer problems. Well, those old ghosts reared their heads again in the form of a glass of water down my whole rig.

burning hard drive
Pretty much this, only not with fire. Water in fact so the opposite really…it is a bad picture now that I think about it.

A horrifying amount of emergency cash later, a new computer is on the way. (At least I hope, it has been over a week.) On the same day my computer went to the great retailer in the sky, I had another interview with those fine guys over at Project Archivist. I was able to throw together a way to talk with them but the whole show was beset by terrible luck. Somehow we managed to pull out a decent show, you can listen to it here if you would like.

project archive
You can also listen to the first one I did with them in case you missed it.

So that is one of the reasons I’ve been kinda slow on the updates. I had a few Creature Features ready in the wings for just such a meltdown, so that was fortunate but I am sorry things have been so silent on my end. On top of all that, me and the wife have also been making regular trips on the weekends for a personal matter that took up a good deal of our time.

There is good news to share, later tonight I’ll be on Where Did The Road Go? podcast. I’ll be talking about a topic that has fascinated me for years. Witchcraft, and the strange link between the mixing of the human with the inhuman. We’ll cover topics from the Lechuza, a Hispanic witch-bird, to the real fear of witchcraft in places like Africa. I’ll share when the episode is ready so please tune in, should be a good time. Before the show, I will be posting up an article on the topic so be on the lookout for that later today.


Thanks for sticking around and giving me a read, you are a peach.

Stay frosty,





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