I Was Robbed And Other News

So November has been a record month for me, though not records I wanted to set. First off, the previous place I was renting got sold to an outside company who were like “Hey so you’ve been paying x amount for the past 4 years but since your lease was up how about you pay a lot more than that?” So we had to bounce. The new place is great, needs some love but I can’t hear the neighbors snore through the paper thin walls. In fact, my closest neighbors are a bunch of cows.


They even brought me a housewarming gift, a nice chocolate pie… wait a minute…

That, however, ties into the second bit of bad news. While me and the wife were moving in, someone broke into the house and stole a bunch of things. Odd things, not even stuff

Who takes a man’s Cave Johnson painting, Who?!

you could pawn. Pictures of our foster kids, family photos, a portrait of Cave Johnson from Portal (gone but never forgotten), a bunch of signed comics I had from the Reanimator comic series and a gift I got my wife for her birthday. A wooden box with a chicken on it that she used to hold sugar.

So yeah there was that. We actually found a few of the pictures in the woods behind the house but the rest is just gone. I still feel really off about it. I mean we got security set up that week but you never really think about that sort of stuff until it happens to you.

And the icing on the shit cake came in the form of news that our foster would be leaving us in December. While we have been preparing for it and are ready, the soonness of it still kinda stung. I actually have a post cooked up about our time working in the system that I’m saving.

Rod Ferrell

So I do want to apologize on the slow upload but it isn’t all bad news. While the move and other issues have slowed things, I haven’t been stagnant. I do have some good news!

Beast Of The LBL

I’ve got two great topics worked up. One is a Human Monsters on Rod Ferrell, The Vampire Cult Killer and A Creature Feature on The Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes.



Not only that but I might have been bitten by the podcast bug, thanks Roejen and Lobo from Project Archivist. I’ve decided to put together a show I’m tentatively calling Scour The Night, Which I am hoping to have ready to go this week. It will be more long-form than the articles and will deal with topics that interest me. Such as the possibility of undgerground dwellers or why many mass shootings have ties back to the Columbine Massacre, or why so many people have died around a scenic New Jersey reservoir.

Thanks for sticking around and stay frosty out there.





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