Creature Feature: The Oregon Bandage Man

Two would-be lovers pull off to the side of an often deserted road. Their hormones in overdrive, their hearts pounding in their chests. Mouths run dry as the heat of the moment threatens to overwhelm them. Then suddenly the car begins to move, a jarring jerk. They look up in shock to see a man covered in bloody rags on the hood of their car. His mouth, gore-covered, and open in a scream they cannot hear. They are now in the embrace of the Bandage Man.

Wait! I just want to tell you about this most amazing book!

The Bandage Man is said to attack slow-moving or parked cars that head down a disused section of Highway 101 near Cannon Beach in Oregon. The descriptions of the creature are always horrific.

Covered in head to toe with oozing wounds that are only half covered by dirty cloth bandages. Rumors abound as it what time the Bandage Man attacks and some speculate it may be responsible for missing dogs and pets.

There are many speculations as to the monster’s origin, however, the most prominent seems to be that he was an unfortunate sawmill victim. There are reports of the creature having an ungodly smell, like rotting meat left out in the sun.

bandage man 2
Actual photo or bad photoshop? The world may never know. (The world totally knows…)

The Bandage Man has all the hallmarks of a classic urban legend. One with roots firmly in the lovers lane attacker. It follows the formula set down by another classic legend, The Hook Hand Man, to a tee. A young couple hot and heavy on the side of a road, sudden unsettling movement, then boom, stranger danger. This leads me to believe that the Bandage Man is just another spooky warning against the dangers of premarital sex.

hook hand man
It is hooked for his pleasure!


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