Creature Feature: Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes

The woods grow silent. This silence spreads up from the roots of the trees, through the air to choke the birds and still the insects. Something gazes out from the shadows. Eyes glow a demonic red, it stands tall on two legs that end in claws. It looks like a horrid mix of man and wolf. A tortured howl tears from its maw, a sound that rings through the forest. The Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes is on the hunt.

The Land Between The Lakes, or LBL for short, is a national park located near Murray Kentucky. While many tourists will come away with stories of the picturesque landscape, the LBL is also known for much darker reasons.

The park is home to what the locals call, “The Vampire Hotel”. An abandoned building where murderer Rod Ferrell and his gang of misled youth came to drink each other’s blood. Ferrell is responsible for one of the worst home invasion murders in Florida history.  While playing host to blood drinking rituals would be bad enough, something much worse than Ferrell is rumored to still stalk the park.

The Beast of LBL is said to be over six feet tall, covered in hair with pointed ears. It has the head of a wolf, with long sharp teeth. Although it walks on two legs like a man, it can move silently through the trees.

Origin Stories

The origins of the creature, which many who have seen it compare it to classic depictions of werewolves or dogman sightings, varies. One of them centers around a man who settled in the LBL sometime in the 1800s. He claimed to suffer from a nighttime sickness which would cause him to fly into rages that made him dangerous to be around. The man claimed it was passed down through the blood. Stories abound around him and his eventual descendants, all of which lived in the LBL until sometime in the 1900s.

Another possible origin for the creature comes from French traders. They spoke of legends about a loup-garou. A person cursed to change into a beast by a witch or as divine punishment for some crime. The poor soul would then be overcome with animalistic rage and a craving for raw meat. The traders feared the creature, not just because of its violent nature but because the curse could be spread to those that survived an attack.

Modern Day Sightings

There have been many sightings of the Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes throughout the years, even up to today. The most shocking of which is said to have happened in 1980. A family had decided to go camping in the LBL. What should have been an idyllic weekend, ended with the family killed and mutilated. The bodies of the parents were found torn apart, their pieces mixed together. Half of their child was found up a tree by park rangers.

To this day ranchers around the LBL who have been working with American Bison, report calves mysteriously going missing. Campers tell stories about howling and guttural screams from somewhere just beyond their campfires. One tourist, after a prolonged feeling of being followed, managed to take the above photo. Was it just a play of light and shadow on his imagination? Or was he almost another victim of the Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes?

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2 thoughts on “Creature Feature: Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes

  1. LBL was created in the 30s, during the depression, by the TVA. The Tennessee and Cumberland rivers were both dammed off to create jobs and provide electricity to impoverished rural communities. Entire towns were bought out and subsequently flooded after the dams were constructed. Some graves were never moved and remain underwater still today. If there were a resident of the area familiar with the dark arts during this time period, they very well may have summoned a creature or demon to lurk the thousands and thousands of acres, that stretch across two states, to exact revenge for their lost land and livelihoods. I am a frequent visitor to the area and this is the first time I’ve heard of the creature, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was there. You hear a lot of strange noises at night. Thank you for opening my eyes to another cryptic. I’m excited to start researching on my next visit. I know just the antique shop to visit before entering the LBL area. An older man may have a little information for me.

  2. I was stationed at Ft Campbell, Ky back in 1981 thru 1984, and I was friends with a follow GI who was from Hopkinsville Ky. He and I were in Basic training, at Ft Jackson SC. Any way when I got to Fort Campbell, I called him when I got there. He told me about an incident that happen, at the land between the lake, where hunters went missing , and they were never found. While stationed at Fort Campbell, we spent a lot of time in the woods on training . We would find graves that we a couple hundreds of year old. Let me tell you the woods in Ky. Can be really scary at night. When there was no moon, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. There was night we could here some strange sounds that we could not understand. A lot of the guys from my unit, were from Ga, Ala, Tenn, and Ky. You know Good ole Country Boys, and they were at a lost at the strange sound at night. One day about five of us where out fishing, we had a fire going, and having a good time, when all of a sudden the woods got really quite, now if you spent a lot of time in the woods, you notice the sudden quite, we started to hear something walking around the outside of the light from the fire. The hair started to stand on the back of my neck, when my friend Dean, who was from a small town in Alabama, said does anybody else, feel like we are being watched, which everybody replied yes. We started to hear some growling coming from the dark. But we couldn’t find where it was coming from. So we got the hell out of the area, we left so fast we left our food and our fishing gear.

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