Human Monsters: Yuka Takaoka, Deadly Obsession In Japan

Yuka Takaoka often cosplays on her Instagram

What would you do to show the person you loved the most, just how you felt? Would you make them their favorite food or go out of your way to take them somewhere they’ve always wanted to go? What if that wasn’t enough, what if you couldn’t stand the idea of the one you love being with anyone else, what would you do then? Would you stab them in a fury of obsession and plan to die in their arms as well, so that the two of you could be together forever? That is what Yuka Takaoka did on May 23, 2019, in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan.

Yuka stayed on her phone while the police secured the scene

Yuka was obsessed with a young man to the point where the thought of him being with another person, or perhaps not loving her as much as she loved him, was unbearable. She attacked him at her apartment, stabbing him in the stomach with a kitchen knife. He managed to get away and make it to the elevator but collapsed on the first floor.

Yuka followed him down and sat next to his bleeding, semiconscious body. She had planned to kill herself as well.

“I, too, wanted to die,” Police reported her as saying. “I liked the man, I couldn’t help it.”

However, the gravity of the event seemed to bring a moment of shocking clarity. She posted on her twitter(now deleted) and called police to report what she had done. The victim, whose name has yet to be released, was transported to a hospital in critical condition. Yuka was then taken into custody.

The Why

Yuka dressed as Himiko Toga from the anime My Hero Academia, a character drinks that the blood of those she “loves”

There are no concrete answers as to why Yuka Takaoka decided to attack the man she as obsessed with. However, there are pieces of her public life that may shed some light on her state of mind.

One of Yuka’s favorite pastimes was cosplay, dressing up as characters from popular anime or shows. It would seem that she enjoyed cosplaying as a certain trope found in Japanese anime and manga, a yandere.

Yandere is a type of female character that has a psychotic love for a male in the story. This love drives them to do horrible things to anybody that gets in the way of or are shown attention by the object of their affection. It often ends with the character attacking or killing the one they love in a twisted sense of showing just how much the person means to them.

On a disturbing side note, Yuka’s Instagram has been flooded with comments that mock the stabbing and profess how attractive she is to some commenters.

This is an ongoing criminal investigation and this article will be updated as more information comes to light. 




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    1. I’m not sure about that one. Some reports are stating that there were similar comments as to what is on her Instagram, so it could have either been her or Twitter itself honestly.

  1. This was depressing, my friend asked me to look this up and I decided to, thank you for sharing this story through this website, I’ve taken the liberty of reading more of your blogs, keep up the work! You’re an amazing writer!

        1. Unfortunately not that I’ve been able to find. His condition was last set as critical. Some people are posting that didn’t make it but there hasn’t been an official release that I’ve seen.

  2. I made a profile just for this blog but seriously this was astonishing, chilling, and overall wondrous, I’ve enabled notifications for this site, have a nice evening.

  3. It’s not the foult of anime! She is a psychopath and just because she costplayed crazy anime characters that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with anime.

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