Human Monsters: Randy Stair, Andrew Blaze And The Ghost Squad Shooting

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Randy wearing a “Natural Selection” t-shirt. Randy felt a connection to the Columbine Highschool shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Randy Stair walked into the Weis supermarket where he worked in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania on June 8th, 2017 and began his night shift by blocking the exits. Once he was sure no one would be able to come in or out, he opened his duffle bag and removed the two shotguns he’d brought. A few moments later, three of his coworkers would be dead along with himself.

This wasn’t a random act but a calculated massacre that Randy Stair had been planning for some time. He’d wanted to do it for months so that he could die and be reborn as a female ghost and join a character from a children’s cartoon show. What led up to the Weis supermarket shooting? Where did his madness come from?

When The Seeds Began To Grow

Yearbook photos from Randy’s Instagram


Not much is known, outside of Randy’s own words on the subject, of his early years. He states in a series of journal entries, that were released after his death, that he was bullied.


I’ve hated people my entire life, I didn’t just wake up one day and start hating people. Middle school was when I really started to heat up and envision hurting the people in my class, such as Eric Waters. In 6 th -8 th grade the kid was twice my size. He looked like a 9 th /10 th grader. He was the class bully. He’s steal shit from my lunch and then give it back because I didn’t show and resistance; “this kid doesn’t even care! Haha!” he joked.”

He does go on to downplay the bullying, calling it more background noise compared to the other issues he was facing. Randy would masturbate in class while in high school, an act that somehow went unnoticed. He would sit in the back of the class in baggy clothes and spend the whole time slowly rubbing himself. While he enjoyed this exhibitionist streak, paradoxically he stated several times that he hated his penis. He would self diagnose as depressed and gender dysphoric. He believed he was born into the wrong body as a punishment and he was, deep down, a girl.

Randy claimed that for years he would crossdress. Every Wednesday, when his parents would leave to go bowling, he would either make videos for his YouTube channel or he would wear women’s clothing. The fact that no one seemed to notice his struggle with his own sexual identity angered him greatly. He was shocked that his mother and father had no idea what he was going through. This would be an ongoing theme with Randy’s life: going unnoticed.

My parents don’t seem to have a fucking clue as to what goes on in my head. 90% of the time I’m as pale as a fucking lifeless corpse. In the end if my mom says, “I had no idea she was this depressed” or “why didn’t I see the signs?” or what the fuck ever, the n you should just stab yourself in the fucking chest for being so stupid. I mean HONESTLY, I don’t go anywhere unless I have to, I don’t speak to anyone unless spoken to, I make zero friends (by choice), I dress from head to foot in black (even my bra and leggings are black; find those yet? What about my black panties? HAHA), I always look like a ghoul sucked the joy and happiness out of my face (Ember), I can go on and on and on, but fuck that.

A Career Of Failure

Randy craved fame and, like many youths during the 2000s, turned to YouTube with the hope of making it his career.  He formed a YouTube channel called PioneersProductions and tried a variety of skits, commentaries, and other popular video types but nothing really stuck. That is until Mr. Horse Head.

That video involved Randy aping another popular YouTuber’s style and speaking back and forth with a toy, in this case, a child’s hobby horse. It did lightyears better than any of his other content and so Randy decided to double down on the idea. He created two other characters which would feature prominently in his other videos and in his own delusions.

Froggy was a small orange plastic frog who would serve as both an antagonist and a warped friend to Randy in his skits. Froggy would continuously berate and tease Randy in these skits, often times hiding or destroying something he wanted or had been searching for. Randy seemed to project his own self-hatred through the character and as he started to form his twisted belief system, even began to think that the toy had a kind of soul or consciousness.

Whale was just that, a stuffed killer whale. Randy would pitch shift his own voice and make overtly homosexual comments when speaking as the whale. Whale acted hypersexually in his skits and made many advances toward Randy. The character seemed to have been an outlet for Randy’s own sexual drive and frustration with his identity.

The two of them would be the primary focus of his videos until Randy’s delusions caused him to change the content of his channel. Once that happened, he came up with a way to explain to his viewers that Froggy and Whale would no longer be appearing in any more videos.

He filmed Amnesia Rape, where he developed amnesia after a hit to the head and Froggy filmed Whale raping Randy while he was tied up. He then closed out the two characters in the video Extinction where he killed them after Froggy posted the video online.  He would go on to explain to a bloody Froggy that he was killing them because “She told me to,” she being Ember McLain, a cartoon ghost from the children’s tv show Danny Phantom. Ember and her squad of ghosts would be the new focus for not just his creativity but his whole world.

Joining The Ghost Squad

Randy began going by the name Andrew Blaze online and incorporated that into his OC.

Randy began commissioning voice actors and animators and doing his own artwork for the new videos featuring a group of all female ghosts done in the art style of the show. He created several original ghost girls to fill out the roster of Ember’s Ghost Squad or EGS.

Randy believed that he was chosen by Ember to join her squad of militarized female ghosts in a spiritual battle that wages throughout the dimensions. He would voice his frustrations on being in a disgusting male body and how he longed to die so that he could take on his true form.

I want to chop my penis off so bad… they’re SO FUCKING DISGUSTING. Why do guys like drawing those putrid things so much?? I swear to goddess….. Please, just stop….. I can’t wait to have my penis and butthole taken away and to have my pussy and breasts back… It’s agony… 24 years without them….24 YEARS! I miss my white skin, leggings, and long hair. I miss not having to breathe. I miss not being able to feel physical pain. I miss my bracelet. I want it all back…. This body is a punishment…. Most of all, I miss my cartoon like form. Bodies in this dimension are tolerable, but they’re nothing compared to that dimension.

As he was slipping further and further into insanity, he began to hear voices urging him on and on. He explained in a few of his later videos that he’d started to hear Ember after a series of events. While in high school, a popular kid died in a car crash, Randy took his classmate’s sudden death harder than he expected to. He stated he hadn’t even known the person. Later on, he got word that another one of his schoolmates had died in yet another tragic car crash. Not long after, Randy was also involved in an accident while in a parking lot. It was this moment that sent his mind on a dark turn.

He began to obsess over death and dying young. The voices became friends to him and comforted him. They fueled his desire to die while still a teenager. He began to focus on one voice in particular.

“Love of my life and afterlife”

Mackenzie West was one of the ghost girls Randy believed would recruit him after he died. He concocted a backstory for her about being abducted and raped before being murdered. He claimed she was his soulmate.

As he began to focus more on the EGS videos, Randy’s rage began to show. He would express his disdain for animators who would leave him hanging or voice actors who didn’t follow his deadlines.

All the money that I intended to use on animators went towards ammunition; way to go you goddamn fuckers! You fucking blew it you worthless cunts…. I hope you’re kept up at night over this… I hope everytime you animate guns you wince with flashbacks. I was patient and nice, and you all FUCKED ME OVER…. Screw off….

Send Request was a band that Randy obsessed over. He enjoyed their music and often used it in the intros to his videos. The lead singer of the band was one of the people he emailed right before the Weis supermarket shooting. He expressed how upset he was when he wasn’t able to get instrumental samples from one of their songs in several videos. Randy went so far as to get revenge on the band by planning to make one of their songs the background track of his school shooting video, Westborough High Massacre.

He was on a timetable, he had to finish his productions, his legacy. He wanted to leave as much of himself behind as he could, like The Basement Tapes of his idols Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

The Build Up To The Shooting

Months before the shooting took place, he made several worrying posts on his Twitter profile. Randy had very few active followers, but what he did have were a large number of alt accounts which he would post back and forth with.

It is suspected that one of these alt accounts was an EGS member, Rachael. The account would make ominous posts which mirrored much of Randy’s own twisted views and his obsession with the Columbine Highschool Shooting. (There is supporting evidence that Rachael was a separate person. However, all posts seem to stop after the shootings and given Stair’s amount of sock puppet social media accounts, it seems more likely that it was one of his.)

Randy also purchased two shotguns and numerous rounds of ammo in preparation for the massacre.  He was amazed at how easy it was to procure the firearms. He would spend hours practicing on a homemade range. Many of these shooting sessions he filmed as well. Once he was ready, he picked a day and waited. He composed several emails to explain to the people he cared enough about to warrant it.

…I hate humans…I hate society…I hate the thought of beling alive…I’ve almost always hated life…”EGS” was the ultimate way to express myself without being considered a threat…it was a safty net…and it was all authentic and real…nothing I said or wrote for “EGS” was overdramatized or hypothetical..if I said I wanted to kill people, I meant it.If I said I was lost, stuck, and wanted to kill myself…I meant it. Those “Conspiring a Massacre” videos were real.

The Shooting

After Randy got the two shotguns he wanted, he realized that he didn’t have much time if he planned on sticking to the date he had set. One of the managers who worked with him on the night shift, a person he wanted to kill, was looking to change shifts.

He admitted he could wait but he didn’t want to. Every day he waited, he felt, was one more day in a world he hated. So when June 8th arrived, he went into work as if it was just a normal day. The store was empty of customers, only his coworkers and one of the new girls were there. No one was up front to notice him barricade the doors.

Randy shot more than 50 rounds that night. He ended the lives of Victoria Brong, Terry Lee Sterling, and Brian Hayes. The new girl didn’t hear the initial shots, she was busy stocking the coolers with her headphones in. Surveillance footage showed that Randy Stair stood behind her but for some reason decided to spare her life. When Randy began to shoot wildly into the aisles she heard the gunfire and ran into the back room.

After a few minutes of randomly shooting products, Randy went into the back of the deli and shot himself in the head with one of the shotguns.

A Legacy And A Following

My goals are extreme, but one of them is a must. I want to form a suicide cult following. If it happens after I’m dead then so be it, but I want people to spread EGS around the globe and to perform mass suicides, sacrificing their lives for the squad. Something tells me at least one human will take their own life from watching “EGS” and the parents will cause a national uproar over it, all towards me. And I’ll just say “what do you want me to do about it?” and that be it. Fucking humans, always looking to blame SOMEBODY. Keep a better eye on your kids then you morons.

It would seem that Randy did get his wish in a few ways. Enter Naze Warbled and the EGS wiki. The Wiki and youtube channel are filled with archived EGS work by Randy and new works that seem to be from Naze. Not much is known about the person behind the continuation of Stair’s work other than he/she claims the new contributions are purely fictional.

However, Naze does seem to have more in common with Randy than just an affinity for ghostly girls. Postings by Naze and other members of the EGS circle mirror much of Stair’s own twisted belief system. They do discuss that the squads of ghosts will bring into their ranks the lost and broken and will be the end of humanity. Now, this could all be an elaborate sort of roleplay by one very dedicated person. Randy himself had dozens of active alt accounts across social media. This could be the same with Naze.

The other end of the spectrum could also be true. That the same hero worship Randy had for the Columbine shooters is something he now inspires in others. While his crime was all but a flash in the pan for mainstream media, he did get the fame he was always seeking from the internet.

Send Request, the band he was obsessed with, did a song with heavy allusions to Randy Stair. Seems a fitting way to close out.

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  1. The girl escaped. She didnt just hide. She crawled over the barricade at the front doors. She saw Victoria get shot

  2. Yeah but she lied she told everyone, including the media. that she looked randy in the eyes. She claimed they looked at eachother with out saying anything and supposedly randy just walked away and spared her life. Problem was when the security footage was reviewed her story was torn to shreds. What really happened was she had her headphones on and she couldn’t hear crap. Randy came up behind her, looked at her and then just walked of. Of course she’d have to make up some bs lie…how else would she be able to make a book about it when she’s old, dried up and broke as a joke?

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