New York Horror Film Festival 2019

So I went to new york this past weekend for the New York Horror Film Festival and even though a 14-hour bus drive left me as drained as one of the walking dead, the films still made me feel alive.

We got set up with a viewing of a new indie film and three micro-short films. It was held in a three-level movie theater which, to my shock, served actual food. Not so much at affordable prices. However, the thought of sitting back in a recliner and munching a black truffle flatbread pizza in front of the silver screen almost made it worth it. Almost.

(The festival was also awarding Greg Nicotero with the lifetime achievement award but that was sold out.)

Our feature film of the night was Star Light.

He was also in May, as well as Alcoholist

If I had to describe Star Light I would have to say it was like a tale of teen angst had a baby with the Omen, if the Omen was also a Brittany Spears biopic. Now slap a B-movie filter over the whole thing and bam, you got something worth a watch. Star Light is worth seeing if for nothing more than the amazing Bret Roberts. The man took over every scene he was in, and yes, that is his real hair.

The three shorts we were treated to before Starlight were: Night Crawl, Pepper, and Half-Cocked.

Night Crawl had some great creature design. Two cellmates work to escape but find they have to worry about than the guards in this prison. Gave me Descent vibes and that is always good.

Pepper was the shortest of the bunch but in my opinion the more disturbing. Not to give much of the short away but a young woman is tasked with bringing a “dog” up from the cellar of an old farmer’s barn.

Half-Cocked wrapped up the three and was my favorite by far. It ended up winning best short at the festival and is no surprise why. The black comedy about reanimation reminded me of my favorite zombie comedy Fido.

All in all I had an amazing time (I wish I hadn’t been so out of it, there was quite a bit of talent sitting around me but I could barely string a pun together.)

Stay frosty out there




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