Upcoming things or, the wheels have been turning

Been a little bit since my last update and I wanted to let everyone know whats going on. After I finished Ghost Flesh I decided to take a bit of a breather and work on some other things. I outlined a good bit of new articles, upcoming one on Daniel Petry and the Frog Boys of South Korea.

Started on a mountain of research on missing persons cases surrounding cave systems in Vietnam and how they could be connected with sightings of humanoid lizard people. (That isn’t a sentence I thought I would write until I started really looking into this and it just caught my attention like you wouldn’t believe…don’t look at me like that… why are the big men in white coats here?)

I can taste the tranquilizers in this picture

On a more serious note, things have been a little up and down my way. I don’t really share much about my personal life on here, only the real stand out stuff, but lately I’ve had more blue days than I have had since starting medication. I’m not sure if its just the chemicals not playing nice with each other or a cocktail of other stressors but I’m working through it.

I’ll have a few things worked up soon to show and I’ve got a new novella cooking. Thanks for sticking around.

One thought on “Upcoming things or, the wheels have been turning

  1. Hey RA. Thanks for the update. Oh wow !! Those all sound like great pieces!!! This is gonna be exciting. Can’t wait to see and share it. And I feel ya on the feeling blue. Happens to the best of us. No doubt your Gonna bounce back from it. Glad to still be here

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