“I’ve been an avid fan of horror and fantasy for most of my life, I like long walks on the beach, a good dark rum and I read Shutter Cane.”


(Though the movie was better)

In all honesty dear reader I am very bad at talking about myself. In the end all I can muster is a patchwork, self-deprecating scarecrow of bad puns and let me tell you that makes for an odd first impression.

I will say that I love to tell stories that will hopefully tickle you’re fancy and keep you up at night. I’ve been writing and building this world up since I was old enough to pick up a pen and the thought of sharing it with you is both amazing in a way I can’t put down and pants shittingly terrifying all at once.

I live in West Virginia with a wife (the fact that I manged to convince her to stick around with a shmuck like me could be used in a debate for creationism), two cats who love to hate each other and two rats who actually get along pretty well, if only because one of them is blind.