Podcast ep is out on sunday

For both public and patrons. I'm also working on a new creature feature, have really tapped into a gold mine of South American folklore. I'm also thinking about posting a few articles on some paranormal cases I've come across that are really fascinating. Thanks for sticking around, stay frosty out there.

I’m A Glutton was on Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights featured my story "I'm A Glutton"! Having my work read by the talented Otis Jiry is something else. You can read and listen to the production here: Creepypasta.com  

Of Interviews and Games or Sweet Lord, It Has Been A Week!

So it has been a pretty wild and awesome week. Had a sit down with the guys over at Project Archivist. We talked about some of the topics I've covered here on the Creature Feature and Human Monsters, though there was also a good bit about other off the rails topics like beer keeblers. You owe it to yourselves to give it a listen. https://projectarchivist.podbean.com/e/ep-249-robert-brewster-cryptids-weird-legends-and-true-crime/ Also, I tried my hand at the Jim Sterling Talent … Continue reading Of Interviews and Games or Sweet Lord, It Has Been A Week!

New Year, New Changes

So one of the things that I decided to do when 2017 mercifully decided to pass away, was to really take a look at what I wanted from this site. A lot of looks actually, many, many looks.   Something that I realized was that going the self-published route wasn't for me. It wasn't the lack of money, hell I was only charging .99 cents, it was more the lack of views. No real downloads, … Continue reading New Year, New Changes