New Year, New Changes

So one of the things that I decided to do when 2017 mercifully decided to pass away, was to really take a look at what I wanted from this site. A lot of looks actually, many, many looks.   Something that I realized was that going the self-published route wasn't for me. It wasn't the lack of money, hell I was only charging .99 cents, it was more the lack of views. No real downloads, … Continue reading New Year, New Changes

The Joys Of Foster Parenting or Why There Is Someone Always Following Me?

Just wanted to give a quick update, things have been moving rapidly in my personal life and as such ate a good chunk of my free time. I got my first foster child and it has been an amazing and sometimes terrifying adjustment period.     As such my posts have been a little slow. (or not at all) However, since I've recently taken on a second job, in an effort to step down from … Continue reading The Joys Of Foster Parenting or Why There Is Someone Always Following Me?

Dustland Radio Up Tomorrow

Wanted to let everyone know there will be a new Dustland Radio up tomorrow as well as a new Creature Feature and two video features. Monday should signal the return of a regular schedule as I gear up for Season 2. Thanks for your patience in this everybody and thanks for sticking with me. Stay frosty out there.  

Creature Features Get Their Own Page

I'll still be posting them to the blog but I figured why not also add a page so that they can be easily searched. You can see the new page here Hope that makes things a little better on the searching part, still working on some upgrades to the site as well and will be finishing some videos soon. Dustland Radio Season One will be wrapped up in the next few weeks and I've got … Continue reading Creature Features Get Their Own Page