Creature Feature: The Penanggalan   "There have been many people who have seen the Penanggalan flying along with its entrails dangling down and shining at night like fireflies." -The Vampire: His Kith and Kin Imagine, if you will, that you are a woman close to her due date. You lay in bed, get comfortable and eventually fall into a relaxing sleep. You awake to a sharp pain between your legs and look down in horror as a body-less … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Penanggalan

Creature Feature: The Riverside Monster A long drive in the rain, the Santa Anna River welling up over the road. Suddenly the radio goes to static and the car begins to sputter. Out from the underbrush, a thing, long and lanky with glowing eyes crosses into the headlights. The Riverside Monster is up from the waters. Also called the Brain Tickler Of Riverside, the creature remains a headscratcher to this day.  The sighting occurred on November 8, 1958, near … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Riverside Monster

Creature Feature: The Headless Men- The Blemmyes And of the Cannibals that each other eat,The Anthropophagi, and men whose headsDo grow beneath their shoulders. -From William Shakespeare's Othello Headless dude, is cool dude.  The Headless Men have gone by many different names and span several cultures. Called Anthropophagus by ancient poets, their description of having a large mouth on their belly and no head on their shoulders mirrors the Indian legend of the Kabandha.  But where is the root of this cannibalistic creature? … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Headless Men- The Blemmyes

Creature Feature: The Kabandha

A giant lumbers through the dark. Large, muscled arms shove trees aside to expose the moon in the sky. It turns one giant eye, set in the center of a massive chest, skyward and a mouth opens along its stomach in an awful scream. The Kabandha is on the hunt. Group Hug! There are many fascinating creatures throughout the folklore of Southeast Asia, often appearing as Demons set against Vishnu or another god. The Kabandha is … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Kabandha

Creature Feature: The Akkorokamui (Creature Feature Playlist) The head and torso of a man rises up from the waves in the bay, followed by long tentacles oozing black venom. The Akkorokamui has come. The Akkorokamui is a creature from Ainu folklore. The Ainu are the indigenous people of the Japanese islands. The monster is said to exist in a bay near Hokkaidō in Japan, though there have been sightings in Korea and Taiwan. The original myth of the Akkorokamui dates … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Akkorokamui