New York Horror Film Festival 2019

So I went to new york this past weekend for the New York Horror Film Festival and even though a 14-hour bus drive left me as drained as one of the walking dead, the films still made me feel alive. We got set up with a viewing of a new indie film and three micro-short films. It was held in a three-level movie theater which, to my shock, served actual food. Not so much at … Continue reading New York Horror Film Festival 2019

Playing Second Fiddle (Or The Ex-Girlfriend Story)

I am a master at playing second fiddle in all of my past relationships. (Notice I said past because I finally got lucky, that is a story for another day though.) It never failed, I did my best work with the lights turned off but wasn't someone you had around when the sun was up. Quasimodo was my spirit animal. My first serious girlfriend set the trend. Lets call her Evelyn, because it just feels … Continue reading Playing Second Fiddle (Or The Ex-Girlfriend Story)

Ghosts In Houses: Ghost Story Love

A knock in the house after everyone else has gone to bed, a creak of the floor boards behind you when you know you're alone, a wisp of shadow just out of the corner of your eye. Who doesn't love a good ghost story? They are classic and unsettling, like in the case of Burnt Offerings,  my first real exposure to a haunted house story. They can also be more thought-provoking, even heartbreaking, such as … Continue reading Ghosts In Houses: Ghost Story Love

Pho: Better Than Brains!

So I recently went to DC and spent some time taking in the sights and filling my face with amazing street food! It was a gourmet smorgasbord from around the world, all lined up down the same street. Diet went out the window and I spent three hours crying into a Lean Cuisine when I came home. Worth it. One of the places we came across was Zombie Pho of Pho Junkies. Not only did … Continue reading Pho: Better Than Brains!