Upcoming things or, the wheels have been turning

Been a little bit since my last update and I wanted to let everyone know whats going on. After I finished Ghost Flesh I decided to take a bit of a breather and work on some other things. I outlined a good bit of new articles, upcoming one on Daniel Petry and the Frog Boys of South Korea. Started on a mountain of research on missing persons cases surrounding cave systems in Vietnam and how … Continue reading Upcoming things or, the wheels have been turning

Podcast ep is out on sunday

For both public and patrons. I'm also working on a new creature feature, have really tapped into a gold mine of South American folklore. I'm also thinking about posting a few articles on some paranormal cases I've come across that are really fascinating. Thanks for sticking around, stay frosty out there.

Dustland Radio Up Tomorrow

Wanted to let everyone know there will be a new Dustland Radio up tomorrow as well as a new Creature Feature and two video features. Monday should signal the return of a regular schedule as I gear up for Season 2. Thanks for your patience in this everybody and thanks for sticking with me. Stay frosty out there.  

New Dustland Radio Page

That is correct, after a much longer than normal amount of time...   Dustland Radio now has its own page here on the website! Come and check it out at the top of this page on the Dustland Radio tab or just go here. I've got the whole thing broken up into seasons.  

We are back online!

Ok in a past post I talked about the issues I had been having with my hardware. Long story short, lost a hard drive and a lot of files. Now it wasn't all bad news, most of Dustland Radio was backed up not only on another drive but in hard copies. So other than a few lost branding items, I was confident I could get things up and running again in no time. Boy, was … Continue reading We are back online!