A little update

Just want to give a little update on the state of things. Dustland Radio is flowing along nicely and I will be continuing to post every Monday and Friday. I'm planning a massive batch upload of Creature Features to try and get my views up on the site and get a little more exposure. Still playing around with SoundCloud for the iTunes and might have that ready to go soon. Stay frosty out there

Ghosts In Houses: Ghost Story Love

A knock in the house after everyone else has gone to bed, a creak of the floor boards behind you when you know you're alone, a wisp of shadow just out of the corner of your eye. Who doesn't love a good ghost story? They are classic and unsettling, like in the case of Burnt Offerings,  my first real exposure to a haunted house story. They can also be more thought-provoking, even heartbreaking, such as … Continue reading Ghosts In Houses: Ghost Story Love