Ghost Flesh, The Big Project Update.

So I've been silent for a while. Don't bring out the tar and feathers just yet, I've been busy and...get this...productive! (I know, I know I couldn't believe it myself at first.) Something I realized about myself is that when I've got an idea, I have to focus on it. If I don't, if I try to add in other things like articles and videos, the idea suffers. It eventually joins the half-finished stack of … Continue reading Ghost Flesh, The Big Project Update.

I Am Fixing It, I Swear!

I know everything looks broken, because well it is. I don't know what happened during the site transfer but all my posts past Aug are just gone. Literally me the last two days Now I do have a back up of them that I'll be updating but that will take me some time. So please stick with me through this while I sort everything site layout looks good though. *sobs*

New Looks! or The Taste Of A 1000 Year Egg

I ate one of these things today. It is called a 1000 year egg or a Century Egg. The basic idea is that they ferment it and "age" it using clay and other techniques. The ones I bought were made with lye. Strangely enough though they really didn't have much of a taste. The yoke was green and tasted sort of meaty but there wasn't any real egg flavor. So that is a thing that … Continue reading New Looks! or The Taste Of A 1000 Year Egg