An update on what I’ve been doing

I know that the posts have slowed a bit but I've been working on a large project that has taken up a lot of time. I've been working on two sets of books. One is a collection of short stories to be released on Amazon. The other, and largest part of the project, has been to do a deep dive on three cryptids for every state. For this, I've hired a cover artist and have … Continue reading An update on what I’ve been doing

I Had The Nightmare Again

I had the nightmare again. It has been years but it happened again and I... I thought I was done with this shit. Woke my wife up screaming and sobbing like I was seven years old all over. As if the years of therapy never happened. That look of confusion on my wife's face when her hand found the puddle of piss. That flash of disgust. I never want to see that again. The laughter … Continue reading I Had The Nightmare Again

I’m A Glutton was on Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights featured my story "I'm A Glutton"! Having my work read by the talented Otis Jiry is something else. You can read and listen to the production here:  

New Year, New Changes

So one of the things that I decided to do when 2017 mercifully decided to pass away, was to really take a look at what I wanted from this site. A lot of looks actually, many, many looks.   Something that I realized was that going the self-published route wasn't for me. It wasn't the lack of money, hell I was only charging .99 cents, it was more the lack of views. No real downloads, … Continue reading New Year, New Changes

Human Monsters: Harvey Glatman, The Glamour Girl Killer (Human Monsters playlist) “The reason I killed those girls was because they asked me to...They said they would rather be dead than be with me.” Those are the chilling words of Harvey Glatman, a sadomasochist who murdered at least three women. Glatman lived in Colorado and showed a deviant mind at an early age. He was caught when he was 12 by his mother in the bathroom of their home with a rope around … Continue reading Human Monsters: Harvey Glatman, The Glamour Girl Killer