Creature Features

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Creature Feature: Mothman, Dover Demon, Tartary Lamb, Zanfretta Aliens and Vegetable Man

A collage of some of my favorite cryptids, with improved audio. 1: The Mothman– (Point Pleasent, WV in1966) 2: Dover Demon– (Dover, MA in1970) 3: Lamb Of Tartary– (Central Asia, 16th century) 4: Zanfretta Aliens– ( Torriglia, Italy in 1978) 5: Vegetable Man– (Fairmont, WV in 1968)

Creature Feature: The Devils Of Son Doong Cave

Year: Unknown, To Present Day

First Sighted: Vietnam

Here we have a look at a curious subterranean creature, that may or may not be Old Greg. All joking aside, with the growing popularity of cave diving there has been an increase in monster sightings from places well off the grid, even in cryptozoology. In Vietnam, they are mythological creatures. Others think of them as examples of reptilian aliens.

Creature Feature: The Ningen

Location: Antartic Waters

First Sighted: 1990’s

The Ningen has become a popular cryptid in Japan and has caught the attention of people from all over the world. The strangely human form of it and the massive size causes people to wonder just what could be hiding just under the water. Aquatic monsters have always been fascinating and the Ningen is nothing if not interesting. There is even a video of a supposed sighting.

Creature Feature Van Meter Visitor

Location: Van Meter, Iowa

First Sighted: 1903

Here we have a strange cryptid sighting out of Iowa. The van meter visitor terrorized a small town for a little over a week before the people managed to drive it away. The strange form of the creature has given rise to many theories as to what it could have been. Some say an elaborate hoax, while others think it might have been a pterosaurs sighting.

Creature Feature Black Shuck

Location: England/Europe

First Sighted: Well before 1577

Black Shuck is one of England’s most recognizable creatures. This cryptid has been sighted through the years on dark roads through misty moors and has often been considered an ill omen. There are vast similarities between it and its American counterpart, the White Things.