I’ll be posting periodically some short stories, I hope you enjoy them. 

*** An Obligatory warning here: Most of the stories are firmly in the realm of horror and as such will contain subjects some people might be sensitive to. Read on knowing that ***


Don’t Go Into The Wellhouse-(Pt:1A young man who has had a troubled past with his father returns to his childhood home. There his father’s last words warn him to stay away from the wellhouse in the backyard. What could be there? What secrets are hidden in the darkness below?

A Taste To Die For- (Featured in Dustland Radio hereThree friends find that not all ruins should be disturbed and that underage drinking can lead to something much worse than a hangover.

Those Fine Young Gentlemen(Pt:1,2,3,4Our narrator is given a strange computer to fix by a friend. There he uncovers the mystery of a missing woman and the horrors the man searching for her bore witness to. But is he really just an observer to these unsettling events or a part of them? 

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