Hello, I'm Mr. Anime, and boy, do I have a show for you. Imagine that your son calls you into the garage, asking you for help. You figure it is for another one of his YouTube videos, as you'd helped him with his skits before. When you walk through the door, you hear a loud gunshot. Suddenly the world spins away as you fall to the ground. His face looms above you, and the lastLike
https://youtu.be/LZIHwv4bISY?list=PLD64PVgdlpHUgFCrvjXaAjUeRHjI60NJU (Creature Feature Playlist) It moved through the shadows of the forest. A hunter readied his weapon and took aim at the shape. His whole body froze, his breath caught in his throat. The creature stood on two feet and was covered from head to toe in coarse, dark hair.  It wore a crude outfit made from skins and reeds. The hunter blinked and it was gone. He'd just had an encounter with a Woodwose,Like
(Graphic content follows. All quotes by Randy are kept in original form with no edits)  Randy Stair walked into the Weis supermarket where he worked in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania on June 8th, 2017 and began his night shift by blocking the exits. Once he was sure no one would be able to come in or out, he opened his duffle bag and removed the two shotguns he'd brought. A few moments later, three of hisLike
What would you do to show the person you loved the most, just how you felt? Would you make them their favorite food or go out of your way to take them somewhere they've always wanted to go? What if that wasn't enough, what if you couldn't stand the idea of the one you love being with anyone else, what would you do then? Would you stab them in a fury of obsession and planLike
The shadow of a man dressed in leathers, wearing a gas mask and soldier camo, haunted the forest of Maules, in Switzerland's Canton of Fribourg. He would walk the same path and always linger just long enough for some passerby to catch a glimpse. They called him Le Loyon, "The Ghost Of Maules". He became a boogyman to them, an urban legend to scare people who dared to walk alone in the woods. Once aLike