Full Article Below “YOU NEED NOT FEAR ME. I WISH TO COMMUNICATE. I COME AS A FRIEND. WE KNOW OF YOU ALL. I COME IN PEACE. I WISH MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. I NEED YOUR HELP.” These are the strange, fragmented words a man named Jennings Frederick claimed to have heard from the mouth of a monstrous creature. Frederick was a bow hunter and on a hunt outside Fairmont, West Virginia (on a hot day inLike
Updated the look and I have to say I enjoy it a lot more than the last one. Still need to do some tweaks but things are flowing much better. Just a short update today. Found out that through ACX I'll be able to produce audio versions of my stories however because I signed up accidentally as a narrator and not an author I'll have to do the whole song and dance over again. Joy...Like
I ate one of these things today. It is called a 1000 year egg or a Century Egg. The basic idea is that they ferment it and "age" it using clay and other techniques. The ones I bought were made with lye. Strangely enough though they really didn't have much of a taste. The yoke was green and tasted sort of meaty but there wasn't any real egg flavor. So that is a thing thatLike Full Article Below *Holy crap, a Creature Feature out on an actual Friday!?*  Here we have a strange case out of Italy of what may very well be the first recorded encounter with what people commonly refer to as “reptilian” aliens. (If not the first, then the most widely known at the time) It all started one night in 1978 at the village of Torriglia. Pier Zanfretta was simply making the rounds on hisLike
So I've been meaning to put up something about this for a  while now and have finally found the time and the words to do it justice. So good people of the internet, lend me your ears! For those of you that have read the beginnings of my short story series, "The Dead Letters", you might have noticed that the stories aren't connected. Other than being set in the same fantasy world that is. TheLike