What would you do to show the person you loved the most, just how you felt? Would you make them their favorite food or go out of your way to take them somewhere they've always wanted to go? What if that wasn't enough, what if you couldn't stand the idea of the one you love being with anyone else, what would you do then? Would you stab them in a fury of obsession and planLike
The shadow of a man dressed in leathers, wearing a gas mask and soldier camo, haunted the forest of Maules, in Switzerland's Canton of Fribourg. He would walk the same path and always linger just long enough for some passerby to catch a glimpse. They called him Le Loyon, "The Ghost Of Maules". He became a boogyman to them, an urban legend to scare people who dared to walk alone in the woods. Once aLike
I know that the posts have slowed a bit but I've been working on a large project that has taken up a lot of time. I've been working on two sets of books. One is a collection of short stories to be released on Amazon. The other, and largest part of the project, has been to do a deep dive on three cryptids for every state. For this, I've hired a cover artist and haveLike
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZIHwv4bISY&list=PLD64PVgdlpHUgFCrvjXaAjUeRHjI60NJU (Creature Feature Playlist) When the tide is at the turning and the wind is fast asleep, and not a wave is curling on the wide, blue deep, Oh, the waters will be churning in the stream that never smiles, where the Blue Men are splashing round the charmed isles.  -A Boatman's Song About The Blue Men Of The Minch The wind takes a nasty turn, the sky begins to darken as a storm movesLike
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tM7ZBeCuVA&list=PLD64PVgdlpHVqV-5RCqx-hJQiyxp_tWXB (Human Monsters Playlist) The gas fills her lungs and suddenly the world grows hazy, her arms get weak and heavy. It starts to feel like stones are stacking up on her chest. A man's face looms over her through the fog of the gas. It fills her vision. A Bald head, thin lips, with horn-rimmed glasses, glasses that cover eyes that stare at her with an awful hunger. As darkness steals everything else, it's thoseLike