Chilling Tales For Dark Nights featured my story "I'm A Glutton"! Having my work read by the talented Otis Jiry is something else. You can read and listen to the production here:  Like this:Like Loading... A group of teenagers followed a young man dressed in black as he wove his way through the trees on a path all of them knew by heart. Eventually, they made it to a dilapidated building in the middle of the woods, it was covered in graffiti, with broken out windows. This was their lair, a place where the teens could drink one another's blood in the firelight, under the watchful gaze of theLike (Human Monsters playlist)  "Sadly, six dead kids may have died because of our failings..." -Wu Heping, From China's Ministry Of Public Security There are many theories as to what it takes to create a killer. What makes them become a monster, what seed of evil grows into the horrors they commit? No one is really sure, though we know it happens at a young age.  What sparked Ted Bundy's murderous rage was speculated to (Human Monsters playlist) "Huang Yong is a tumor in society. Even handing down the death sentence will not appease family members." -Lu Ningbo, father of Yong's first victim.  Yong had wanted to be a killer since he was a child and stated he was glad he lived out his dream.  China has had its fair share of killers over the years but few were as driven as Huang Yong. Born in 1974, ever since
A young woman walked up and over hills on paths well known to her. A small baby strapped to her back. Frustration and worry hardened her features, her llamas were missing and as she made her way back to her sheep flock, horror overtook her. There, in the pen, surrounded by the bodies of her animals was what looked like a small man. It turned to face her with a bag of organs at itsLike