Creature Feature: The Kabandha

A giant lumbers through the dark. Large, muscled arms shove trees aside to expose the moon in the sky. It turns one giant eye, set in the center of a massive chest, skyward and a mouth opens along its stomach in an awful scream. The Kabandha is on the hunt. Group Hug! There are many fascinating creatures throughout the folklore of Southeast Asia, often appearing as Demons set against Vishnu or another god. The Kabandha is … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Kabandha

Creature Feature: The Akkorokamui

The head and torso of a man rises up from the waves in the bay, followed by long tentacles oozing black venom. The Akkorokamui has come. The Akkorokamui is a creature from Ainu folklore. The Ainu are the indigenous people of the Japanese islands. The monster is said to exist in a bay near Hokkaidō in Japan, though there have been sightings in Korea and Taiwan. The original myth of the Akkorokamui dates as far back as … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Akkorokamui

Creature Feature: The Oregon Bandage Man Two would-be lovers pull off to the side of an often deserted road. Their hormones in overdrive, their hearts pounding in their chests. Mouths run dry as the heat of the moment threatens to overwhelm them. Then suddenly the car begins to move, a jarring jerk. They look up in shock to see a man covered in bloody rags on the hood of their car. His mouth, gore-covered, and open in a scream they … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Oregon Bandage Man

Creature Feature: The Dover Demon The Dover Demon was first sighted in the 70's by one teen late at night, although there were two others present. Bill Bartlett (our sole witness), Mike Mazzocca and Andy Brodie were all cruising down Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts when Bartlett noticed something creeping around in the beam of the headlights. He goes on to describe the creature as having eyes like “...two orange marbles,” as well as a large head on a thin, … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Dover Demon