Creature Feature: Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes

The woods grow silent. This silence spreads up from the roots of the trees, through the air to choke the birds and still the insects. Something gazes out from the shadows. Eyes glow a demonic red, it stands tall on two legs that end in claws. It looks like a horrid mix of man and wolf. A tortured howl tears from its maw, a sound that rings through the forest. The Beast Of The Land … Continue reading Creature Feature: Beast Of The Land Between The Lakes

Creature Feature: Lone Pine Mountain Devils

"My God. My God. They are all gone. The winged demons have risen! What sin have they committed against each other and thy sacred earth? May the forgiving Lord not abandon their souls, which were taken from them into the depths of hell! And through the earthly fires of man, a sole tree remained on the mountain's peak. And the Devils that spared me, returned to the refuge of the Lone Pine of the Mountain." -Father … Continue reading Creature Feature: Lone Pine Mountain Devils

Creature Feature: Raystown Ray Pennsylvania has had a love affair with cryptids for years. From possible werewolf sightings that go back to the 1800's, to a high report of Bigfoot encounters. It would seem that now it also has it's very own lake monster. Raystown lake was created to control flooding in 1905. Years later the dam that had formed the lake was repaired and the first sightings of "Ray", as the locals called him, began. It is … Continue reading Creature Feature: Raystown Ray

Creature Features Get Their Own Page

I'll still be posting them to the blog but I figured why not also add a page so that they can be easily searched. You can see the new page here Hope that makes things a little better on the searching part, still working on some upgrades to the site as well and will be finishing some videos soon. Dustland Radio Season One will be wrapped up in the next few weeks and I've got … Continue reading Creature Features Get Their Own Page

Creature Feature: The White Things There aren't many creatures through the Appalachian mountains that can boast such widespread sightings as The White Things. These cryptids take on many forms: sometimes bipedal, Bigfoot-like creatures, more often they are seen in the shape of hellhounds. Reports of them always hint at a spectral, ghostly quality to them. As if the White Things are more spirit than animal. Some claim that they attack in a vicious strike only to disappear without leaving a single wound … Continue reading Creature Feature: The White Things