Creature Features Get Their Own Page

I'll still be posting them to the blog but I figured why not also add a page so that they can be easily searched. You can see the new page here Hope that makes things a little better on the searching part, still working on some upgrades to the site as well and will be finishing some videos soon. Dustland Radio Season One will be wrapped up in the next few weeks and I've got … Continue reading Creature Features Get Their Own Page

Creature Feature: The White Things There aren't many creatures through the Appalachian mountains that can boast such widespread sightings as The White Things. These cryptids take on many forms: sometimes bipedal, Bigfoot-like creatures, more often they are seen in the shape of hellhounds. Reports of them always hint at a spectral, ghostly quality to them. As if the White Things are more spirit than animal. Some claim that they attack in a vicious strike only to disappear without leaving a single wound … Continue reading Creature Feature: The White Things

Creature Feature: Black Shuck Black Shuck is one of the most well-known encounters with a hellhound or a black dog. Much like the White Things of American folklore, black dogs are European symbols of death and ill omen. Black Shuck itself has become iconic on the British Isles. Legend has it that Black Shuck has been sighted for generations. Its form varies at times, some say it had flaming eyes but was only the size of a cat, … Continue reading Creature Feature: Black Shuck

Creature Feature: Van Meter Visitor A flying creature terrorized the small town of Van Meter Iowa for days. Seemingly out of nowhere it rose up from the mines and cut a swath of panic through the town. Descriptions of the monster defy belief. Said to be half man, half animal with large bat wings and a foul stench. Like a villain straight out of a comic book the beast was impervious to bullets and fired a red beam of … Continue reading Creature Feature: Van Meter Visitor

Creature Feature: The Ningen The ocean is vast and filled with mysteries. 71% of the Earth's surface is water and man has only explored roughly 5% of the oceans. It seems every year brings a new discovery, a new life form previously unknown to us is dragged up from the dark waters. Sometimes old fisherman's tales are proven to be true while some are left unfound at the bottom of the sea. Such is the Ningen. Ningen, Japanese for … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Ningen