Creature Feature Video Collage Tried my hand at improving the audio of some of my favorite cryptids and stringing them into one video. Seems like it came out alright, tell me what you think?

Creature Feature: The Mothman (Read The Full Article Below)  I live in West Virginia, and for some reason this state is a hot bed for strange encounters. From the previously posted Vegetable Man to the Flatwoods Witch, the mountain state is full of monsters, none of which are more famous than The Mothman of Point Pleasant. It all started on November 12, 1966 with a town over in Clendenin. Grave diggers were working into the late hours when they … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Mothman

Creature Feature: Devils of Son Doong Read The Full Article Below There are stories all over the world about monsters living right under our feet. They dwell in caves and come up to steal our children or wait until we wander into their lair. That fear of things below is ingrained into our DNA and is one that crosses cultures, creeds, and nationalities. For years residents around Son Doong cave in Vietnam have talked about strange, human-like snakes. These reptilian … Continue reading Creature Feature: Devils of Son Doong

Creature Feature: The Melonheads Something strange is said to stalk the woods at night. Small bodies, large misshapen heads, evidence of a tragic secret some would say. Others, talk of feral madness and inbreeding to levels that would make Wrong Turn look tame. Called Melonheads by those who have claimed to see them. They have been sighted as far back as the 1800's and in three states (Michigan, Connecticut, and Ohio). Described as around the size of a … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Melonheads