The Search Is Over!

Finally, I have found a game engine that will work with my skill set. Ended up going with Twine to start work on "Behind The Fel House Door". So progress has been made. To be completely honest with you all it has been maddening to try and find the right program that would let me export into the format that I needed. The joy is real.

Behind The Fel House Door, A Text Adventure

I've been working on a lot of different stuff. You might even say I have... But one of those irons is getting pretty hot and that would be the text adventure I've been planning. Behind The Fel House Door is adapted from an audio short I did a year or so ago. Now I've been a fan of visual novels since I discovered them with Katawa Shoujo (The story behind that game is fascinating and really worth … Continue reading Behind The Fel House Door, A Text Adventure