What Is Dead May Never Die

Only Rises Again, Harder And Stronger. So you all might have noticed that I've seemed, well for the most part dead. And that is because for a while there I had one foot in the grave. A series of events had me sicker than I had been in forever and with an injured leg. This, combined with an ever shifting work schedule, left me out of the game. I wont lie to you out there, … Continue reading What Is Dead May Never Die

What I’ve Been Up To

Alright so I know the posts haven't been as regular as I would have liked them to be but I do have a good reason for that. See I've been making these things for my youtube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjY2rF23R6w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HCUDMDnTdA&t=335s     Among other projects including writing a few articles for a website called gruemonkey. They are just starting up and seem like some fine horror minded people. On top of that I've also started a … Continue reading What I’ve Been Up To

New Looks!

Updated the look and I have to say I enjoy it a lot more than the last one. Still need to do some tweaks but things are flowing much better. Just a short update today. Found out that through ACX I'll be able to produce audio versions of my stories however because I signed up accidentally as a narrator and not an author I'll have to do the whole song and dance over again. Joy... … Continue reading New Looks!

Dead Letters: Where do we go from here?

So I've been meaning to put up something about this for a  while now and have finally found the time and the words to do it justice. So good people of the internet, lend me your ears! For those of you that have read the beginnings of my short story series, "The Dead Letters", you might have noticed that the stories aren't connected. Other than being set in the same fantasy world that is. The … Continue reading Dead Letters: Where do we go from here?

Making Dead Letters Or Plans For The Future

So I am sitting here, filled with with a rage so bright and hot it puts Stoya under a heat lamp to shame. Fox cut me off half way through the new Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just straight up told me "Like what ya see there buddy? Well fuck you for not having cable! Wait till tomorrow like all those other internet having hippies!" So that bit of venting away I did want to talk … Continue reading Making Dead Letters Or Plans For The Future