A Little Update Or “Hey I’m Not Dead”

So I realize I've been quiet for some time now and that is because I've been working on things outside the blog. If you've followed me for a while you might know that I enjoy writing and have published a few books over on Amazon. I posted about one short story collection a little while ago. Well, there is another coming out soon. I do have some things planned out for the spooky month we're … Continue reading A Little Update Or “Hey I’m Not Dead”

An update on what I’ve been doing

I know that the posts have slowed a bit but I've been working on a large project that has taken up a lot of time. I've been working on two sets of books. One is a collection of short stories to be released on Amazon. The other, and largest part of the project, has been to do a deep dive on three cryptids for every state. For this, I've hired a cover artist and have … Continue reading An update on what I’ve been doing

Podcast ep is out on sunday

For both public and patrons. I'm also working on a new creature feature, have really tapped into a gold mine of South American folklore. I'm also thinking about posting a few articles on some paranormal cases I've come across that are really fascinating. Thanks for sticking around, stay frosty out there.

I’m A Glutton was on Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights featured my story "I'm A Glutton"! Having my work read by the talented Otis Jiry is something else. You can read and listen to the production here: Creepypasta.com  

I Am Fixing It, I Swear!

I know everything looks broken, because well it is. I don't know what happened during the site transfer but all my posts past Aug are just gone. Literally me the last two days Now I do have a back up of them that I'll be updating but that will take me some time. So please stick with me through this while I sort everything out...new site layout looks good though. *sobs*